Web Development using Laravel

Month 1: Fundamentals and Backend Development

Week 1: Introduction to Laravel and Environment Setup

  • Introduction to Laravel framework
  • Installation and setup using Composer
  • Understanding Laravel directory structure
  • Setting up a development environment (Homestead, Valet, or Docker)

Week 2: Routing and Controllers

  • Understanding routes in Laravel
  • Creating basic routes and route parameters
  • Introduction to controllers
  • Passing data from routes to controllers
  • Creating RESTful controllers

Week 3: Views and Blade Templating Engine

  • Introduction to Blade templating engine
  • Creating and extending layouts
  • Working with Blade directives and control structures
  • Using Blade components and slots for reusable UI components
  • Introduction to Laravel Mix for frontend asset management

Week 4: Database and Eloquent ORM

  • Configuring database connections
  • Introduction to Eloquent ORM
  • Creating and migrating database tables
  • Performing CRUD operations with Eloquent models
  • Understanding relationships in Eloquent (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many)

Month 2: Advanced Backend, Frontend, and API Development

Week 5: Authentication and Authorization

  • Implementing user authentication with Laravel’s built-in authentication system
  • Customizing authentication views and routes
  • Implementing authorization using policies and gates
  • Securing routes and actions based on user roles and permissions

Week 6: RESTful API Development

  • Introduction to API development principles
  • Creating API routes and controllers
  • Handling requests and responses using Laravel’s API resources
  • Authentication and middleware for APIs (token-based authentication, API throttling)
  • Versioning APIs and best practices

Week 7: Frontend Development with Laravel Mix

  • Integrating frontend frameworks/libraries (e.g., Bootstrap, Vue.js) with Laravel
  • Configuring Laravel Mix for frontend asset compilation and optimization
  • Creating interactive UI components with Vue.js and Laravel Mix
  • Using Axios for making API requests from the frontend

Week 8: Deployment and Final Project

  • Preparing Laravel application for production deployment
  • Configuring environment variables
  • Choosing a deployment strategy (traditional hosting, cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Heroku)
  • Deploying Laravel application to a live server
  • Final project: Students work on a comprehensive project integrating backend, frontend, database, and API aspects learned throughout the course

Additional Considerations:

  • Each week should include practical exercises and coding assignments to reinforce learning.
  • Provide supplementary resources such as tutorials, documentation links, and recommended readings.
  • Encourage students to collaborate and participate in discussions to enhance their learning experience.
  • Conduct periodic assessments or quizzes to evaluate student progress.
  • Offer support through forums, Q&A sessions, or office hours for addressing students’ questions and concerns.