Mobile Applications Development Using React. Native

Certified React Native Developer


  • Introduction
  • Resourse ans Helpful Materials

Section2:Get Ready

  • Enviroment Setup
  • Typescript vs. Javascript
  • Create a React Native App
  • Exploring The Default App Code
  • Running on iOS
  • Running on Android
  • Running with Terminal

Section3:Basics of React Native

  • What is JSX
  • Imports and Exports: Creating components
  • Functional vs. Class Components
  • Explaining State for Functional and Class Components
  • Lifecycles Explained
  • Props in Components
  • Understanding Styling

Section4:Project Structure and Splash Screen

  • Identifying Components
  • Project Structure
  • Building the Splash Screen
  • Button Component: Pressable vs. TouchableOpacity
  • Colors Management

Section5:Authentication Screens and Components

  • Authentication Screens Preview
  • Creating Authentication Header
  • Building Input Component
  • Password Input Eye Toggling
  • Building Checkbox Component
  • Giving Custom Style to Reusable Components
  • Building Separator Component
  • memo: What it is and Why to Use
  • Google Login: component & native setup
  • Checking Google Login on Android & iOS
  • Using Environment Variables
  • Building Sign Up Footer Actions
  • Building Sign in Screen


Section6:Git Integration

  • Creating Github Repository & Git Initialization
  • Pushing Changes to Git
  • Git Branching System

Section7:Project Navigation

  • React Navigation Introduction
  • Setup React Navigation
  • Manage Navigation Theme
  • Moving Between Screens
  • Hiding Default Navigation Header
  • Fixing Safe Area Issues
  • Setup Bottom Tabs
  • Preparing Codebase for Tab Navigation
  • Customizing Tabs Design
  • Navigation Quiz

Section8:Managing Lists

  • Build App Header
  • Add Categories List
  • Add Products List
  • Filter by Categories
  • Filtering by Typing Keywords
  • Building Favorites List

Section9:Building the Detailed Screen

  • Pass Data Between Screens
  • Product Details Screen UI
  • Build Sticky Footer
  • Add Absolute Header
  • Build Image Carousel
  • Call or Email from the App

Section10:Building Profile Related Screens

  • Build Profile Screen
  • Add Settings Screen & Redirect to URLs
  • Edit Personal Information
  • Create New Listing Screen
  • Installing Image Upload Package
  • Image Upload Functionality
  • Add Image Deleting Option
  • Explaining Props Spreading
  • Use Keyboard Avoiding View
  • Building Custom Picker
  • Finalize Create New Listing Screen
  • Build My Listings UI

Section11:Integrating REST APIs

  • What is REST API
  • REST API Methods Explained
  • Overview of the API Used
  • Using Axios
  • Registering a New User with API Call
  • REST APIs & HTTP methods

Section12:Setting Up Global State

  • Redux vs. React Context
  • Create User Context
  • User Authentication
  • Introduction to Async Storage
  • Save Auth Token to Storage
  • Identifying Authenticated Users After Killing the App
  • Global State & Storage Quiz

Section13:Connect Services and Profile to APIs

  • Connect Profile to APIs
  • Update Profile API Integration
  • Fetching Services from API
  • Showing Service Details & Favoriting
  • Filtering Favorite Items & Unfavoriting
  • Adding New Listing
  • Delete a Listing
  • Upload Image to Server

Section14:The Magic of Linting

  • What is Linting
  • Integrate ESLint in the project

Section15:Initial Deploy

  • Deploy App