Fundamentals Of Programming

Fundamentals of Programming

Week 1: Introduction to C++ Programming

• Overview of C++ and its history

• Setting up development environment (IDEs, compilers)

• Basic structure of a C++ program

• Variables, data types, and operators

• Input and output (iostream)

Week 2: Control Structures and Functions

• Decision making (if, else, switch)

• Loops (for, while, do-while)

• Break and continue statements

• Introduction to functions

• Function prototypes and definitions

• Passing arguments by value and by reference

Week 3: Arrays and Strings

• Introduction to arrays

• Declaration, initialization, and accessing elements

• Multi-dimensional arrays

• Introduction to strings

• String manipulation functions

Week 4: Object-Oriented Programming Basics

• Introduction to object-oriented programming (OOP)

• Classes and objects

• Constructors and destructors

• Access specifiers (public, private, protected)

• Member functions and data members

Week 5: More on OOP: Inheritance and Polymorphism

• Inheritance and derived classes

• Base class and derived class relationships

• Polymorphism and function overriding

• Abstract classes and pure virtual functions

Week 6: More on OOP: Encapsulation and Composition

• Encapsulation and information hiding

• Accessor and mutator functions

• Composition and aggregation

• Class relationships: has-a and is-a

Week 7: Pointers and Dynamic Memory Allocation

• Introduction to pointers

• Pointer arithmetic

• Dynamic memory allocation (new and delete operators)

• Pointers and arrays

• Pointer to objects

Week 8: File Handling and Exception Handling

• File input/output (fstream)

• Reading from and writing to files

• Handling file exceptions

• Introduction to exception handling

• try, catch, and throw blocks

Week 9: Standard Template Library (STL)

• Overview of the Standard Template Library (STL)

• Containers (vectors, lists, maps)

• Iterators and algorithms

• Working with STL algorithms

• Custom iterators

Week 10: Advanced Topics and Project

• Smart pointers (unique_ptr, shared_ptr)

• Move semantics and rvalue references

• Template classes and functions

• Introduction to C++11/14/17 features (depending on the course level)

• Final project: Students work on a real-world application or project applying the concepts learned throughout the course.

Each week will include lectures, hands-on coding exercises, quizzes, and assignments to reinforce learning.